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COVID 19 update 25th Oct 2021

No one can fail to be aware of the devastating effects of the Covid pandemic on peoples lives and livelihoods. Due to the nature of many of the operative procedures we use in dentistry the sector has been hit hard.

Many dental procedures produce "aerosol spray" into the atmosphere from the dental equipment and a patients mouth. This aerosol which consists of microscopic droplets can be contaminated with virus particles from an otherwise symptom free Covid carrying patient. If inhaled by a member of staff or another patient could result in a serious and deep seated Covid infection.

Thus we take the measures to prevent this very seriously.

Amongst these measures are

  1. Mandatory patient health check carried out on the phone prior to attending the surgery.

  2. Mandatory mask wearing by patients and staff at all times in the building unless removed for treatment. Mask exempt patients are required to wait outside until being taken through directly to the surgery.

  3. Physical distancing in the waiting area means one patient only at a time in the waiting room, please do not come with additional people to your appointment unless you absolutely require their assistance.

  4. Level 3 PPE worn by staff at aerosol producing appointments. This is not pleasant for us to wear and does slow us down a bit. It can also make communication more difficult and may look intimidating but its still us under all the gear!

  5. Fallow time left after every aerosol appointment before an enhanced cleaning is carried out. This fallow time ensures particles settle out of the atmosphere and is improved by newly fitted powerful ventilation fans.

  6. Practice door is routinely locked during working hours so please contact by telephone in the first instance rather than calling round in person.

We appreciate that many of these measures may seem to some to be excessive, intrusive and inconvenient but the safety of everyone, staff and patient alike is our paramount concern.

As of today, 25th October 2021 the virus is not showing any sign of going away.

Evidence shows more people are actually carrying it with no symptoms due to the vaccine roll out so these measures and more will remain in place as long as necessary.

Dentistry is not "getting back to normal" now nor likely in this coming winter. We will continue to prioritise those with emergency and urgent needs whilst attempting to work through the back log of outstanding treatment which has built up over the past 18 month.

We very much appreciate the continuing patience and support from our patients as we try to do our best to support you.


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