Private Dentistry

Private Dentistry is by definition a personal contract to provide dental treatment between the practice and an individual patient.

There are many advantages of private dentistry. Patients benefit from the latest equipment, materials and dental advances. We routinely use tooth coloured filling materials where appropriate. More appointments are available for our private patients and they benefit from priority booking. Appointments are longer allowing the dentist to spend more time with you resulting in a more relaxed experience. We are also able to dedicate more time to prevention advice.

Most of the cosmetic dentistry carried out today in the UK is provided under private arrangement.

Some examples of charges involved in Private Dentistry are on our price list page which can be accessed here



Denplan is a popular capitation scheme that allows patients to budget for the cost of their dental treatment by paying a fixed monthly payment.

There are five price bands, A-E, and patients are allocated to a particular band by an analysis of the existing restoration work that they have previously undergone and the level of home care the teeth receive.

To join the practice's Denplan scheme an assessment must be carried out to determine the banding and to establish that the person is "dentally fit". Any work required to achieve dental fitness is not included in the Denplan agreement and must be completed before membership starts.
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NHS service is only available to patients who are already registered with the NHS at the practice at the present time.

NHS Dental Treatment offers a basic level of treatment to maintain oral health. The fees are set by the government and do not reflect the increasing cost of new equipment and materials. This means that new techniques and advances in dentistry are unavailable and this restricts the types of fillings, crowns and dentures that can be provided.

It also places restrictions on the dentist's time and techniques. Cosmetic treatment is not available, however you can opt to have private treatment alongside NHS treatment, for example if you want to have a white filling in your back teeth rather than metal.