Price list

We have provided a sample fee list here to give a basic indication of our private dentistry prices and to allow comparison with other practices. 


A new patient exam costs £36, however two x-rays are usually required at this point and thus the total cost is likely to be £54. Examinations thereafter cost £26. A fully detailed costing will be provided for every patient after this initial consultation has been carried out and before any treatment commences. We believe that transparency in regard to the cost of your treatment is vital for your trust in our practice.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth Whitening


Single surface filling .................  £30-£44

Two surfaces...............................  £40-£64

Three surfaces ........................... £50-£70

Four surfaces..............................  £74-£80


Pin retention, if required, is £10 per pin placement.

Tooth whitening is one of the easiest and safest cosmetic enhancements for teeth. Recent tightening of legislation has made it illegal for anyone to carry out tooth whitening other than a qualified dental professional.

Our complete tooth whitening package costs



Top up whitening from £30.00 

​When tooth whitening is unlikely to provide the appearance that a patient wants then Veneers are often the next treatment of choice. Veneers can be constructed in surgery from resin bonded onto the teeth or can be fully cosmetic porcelain.


Our cosmetic Veneers are genuine Chameleon porcelain, minimally invasive and come with five year warranty as standard.

Resin veneers from £80.00 per tooth.

Porcelain veneers £300.00 per tooth.

Cosmetic Crowns

Cosmetic Inlays


Cosmetic crowns are now available for the back teeth as well as the front ones. Recent advances in dental laboratory technology have allowed the elimination of the metal cores from crowns replacing it with tooth coloured Zirconium. This has resulted in beautifully lifelike crowns that are also immensely strong.

Hybrid and Bruxir crowns are available for use on front and back teeth whilst Bruxir are also strong enough for even the strongest bite on back teeth. All are tooth coloured and come with five year guarantee.

Hybrid crowns are priced at £380.00 each

Bruxir crowns are £325.00 each

In certain cases where a tooth fractures or requires filling , and the cavity is very large, an inlay may be required. Cosmetic inlays are manufactured in the dental laboratory from Zirconium and colour matched to the natural tooth.

Zirconium inlays: £335.00

​Many people with missing teeth still rely on dentures to provide good function and also to appear natural. These dentures are made with high quality Enigma or equivalent teeth.

​Plastic partial dentures from £380.00

Flexible based partial dentures from £425.00

Single full denture £445.00

Upper and Lower full denture £600.00