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Cfast and Smile Tru                 


Since we joined the CFast/Smile Tru family in 2013 we have completed a considerable number of adult orthodontic cases.

Cfast is based on the conventional method of straightening your teeth but with a cosmetic bias and can help you achieve the smile you really want!

The process uses arch wires which match the colour of your teeth and clear brackets, which means they're barely visible. Not only is the treatment much more discreet than traditional orthodontics, it's also much quicker, usually being completed in around 6 months. More complex cases have taken around 9 months but still considerably quicker than conventional orthodontics.

Smile Tru is based on the proven 'clear aligner' technology and requires no wires nor brackets so is preferable to some people.

Every Cfast/Smile Tru case gets a complimentary course of tooth whitening (normal retail price £260) included to give that final really special look.

We are also now pleased to be able to offer the rival system "Quick Straight Teeth" as well as Cfast.

If you're interested in Cfast, Smile Tru or Quick Straight Teeth, or just want some more general information, please don't hesitate to contact the practice, where we'll be happy to answer any queries you may have.


Further information can also be found on the Cfast website. Just click here!

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